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Somaliland provides a multitude of opportunities for any foreign investor armed with the right information.


The country is blessed with natural resources. Although agriculture is the most successful industry, surveys show that Somaliland has large offshore and onshore oil and natural gas reserves. 


Apart from livestock, other exports include hides, skins, myrrh and frankincense.





Key facts

  • Population 4 Million people 

  • 70% population under the age of 45 years

  • 4 lowest GDP Per Capita in Africa (pretty good for a not yet recognised state)

  • 830km of coast line

  • Longest runway in Africa 4km (used by NASA)

  • Held 4 Democratically elections in the last 20 years

  • 23 Universities 

  • Free Education for Primary Level.

Contact us for further information or visit our UK or Somaliland branch. 

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